Weights and Measures Equivalents


dash,less than 1/8 tsp,,,,,,
3 tsp.,1 tbs.,1/2 fl. oz.,,,,,
2 tbs.,1/8 cup,1 fl. oz.,,,,,
4 tbs.,1/4 cup,2 fl. oz.,,,,,
5 1/3 tbs.,1/3 cup,2 2/3 fl. oz.,,,,,
8 tbs.,1/2 cup,4 fl. oz.,,,,,
10 2/3 tbs.,2/3 cup,5 1/3 fl. oz.,,,,,
12 tbs.,3/4 cup,6 fl. oz.,,,,,
14 tbs.,7/8 cup,7 fl. oz.,,,,,
16 tbs. ,1 cup,8 fl. oz,240 mL,,,,
1 gill,1/2 cup,4 fl. oz,120 mL,,,,
1 quart,2 cups,16 fl. oz.,480 mL,,,,
4 cups,2 pints,1 quart,960 mL,,,,
,,33.824 fl. oz.,1 L,,,,
,4 quarts,1 gal,3.75 L,,,,


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