Cold Frame Update

Cats and Cold Frames

Calvin the cat takes out
the cold frame.

One morning while I was admiring the view of the valley, Calvin the cat ambled by, jumped on the top of the cold frame and started chasing water droplets under the plastic. I shooed him off.

The next morning I went out to check in the parsley in the frame I see the above image. Yes, he fell on a few parsley plants and smashed them, thankfully not permanently.

Joanne hacked a fix with duct tape and the experiment continues.

New Cold Frame at Clean Slate Farm

We build a cold frame for the garden.

New test cold frame at Clean Slate Farm.


For years I’ve read about cold frames and wondered how well they extend the growing season. Well, the other day I decided to find out. While reading Eliot Coleman’s “Four Seasons Harvest” I got the idea to poke around the wood pile and see what I could use on the cheap to build a cold frame. That’s it you see in the photo above. It aint’t pretty but it’ll do for experimentation!

I made it mostly from old 2×8 and 2×6 lumber left over from when we tore the horse stall apart to rebuild it. Hinges were purchased very inexpensively and the cover, though it turned out to be a mistake, was made from heavy mil plastic used normally to seal off French doors from winter time cold. Hey, it was an experiment and though not well designed it showed cold frames are a viable way to grow cold hardy plants even in zone 5.

Aunt Stef’s Mothers Day Present

Now that’s love!



My Aunt Stef was the one person I could rely on to pull me from the fire whenever I got into trouble. Any heavy-duty injury warranted a stop at her house so she could perform triage and make the call to my mother explaining that I was okay but…. She rapidly became my favorite Aunt. :: Follow Gromit for more

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