Home Made Shower Spray

Cheap and easy to make home made Shower Spray

shower spray
Home-made shower spray on the cheap


How much do you hate having to clean the soap scum out of the shower stall? I thought so. Here’s a recipe for a quick, home made shower spray that can be whipped up with only four ingredients in about five minutes or less. How cheap? 32 ounces (95 cL) of dishwasher rinse is about $7.00, 32 ounces of hydrogen peroxide is about $4.00, isopropyl rubbing alcohol is about the same, and dish detergent is about $4.00. And with those you can make at four or more batches of home made shower spray. Here’s the recipe.

If you want to see how we made it see our video on Home-made shower spray.

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Home Made Shower Spray
  • ½ cup isopropyl alcohol
  • ½ cup hydrogen peroxide
  • 1½ cups water
  • 2 tsp dish rinse
  • 6 drops dish detergent
  1. Mix all together in a spray bottle. Done.


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