Original Nestlé® Toll House® Chocolate Chip Cookies

My Favorite Cookie – Toll House Cookie Recipe

What's left of the batch of two dozen. That didn't take long!


If there were such a thing as the “best” chocolate chip cookie this is my choice. The recipe as taken from the back of the package of chocolate chips and it is the toll house cookie recipe. Accept no substitutes.

To form the cookies before baking I use a small ice cream scoop, a blue handle #40, which is roughly a little more than a tablespoon. When forming fill the scoop and lightly pack it with the palm of your hand. Plop it out on the pan and slightly flatten it.

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The Search for the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

The Recipe for Toll House Cookies

What's left of the batch of two dozen. That didn't take long!


Ii like many things about Cooks Magazine but one of the things I dislike is the constant referring to “the best…” of whatever they are making. On a technical note, I believe it’s probably possible to create “a best” recipe. On the other hand, taste is a highly subjective matter and although you can get X out of Y people to agree a recipe is “the best” I still have a problem claiming there can be “a best” recipe for cookies or pot roast from an individuals point of view.

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