Jalapeño and Green Pepper Jam

A story about a beach in Maine, a pseudo spy, beer, and jalapeño and green pepper jam

jalapeno and green pepper jam

Other than the attaché handcuffed to his wrist he looked like any other vacationing camper. Joe Spy, that’s the nickname we gave him that summer in Maine at Hermit Island Campground.

We were staying at Western Reach 13, our favorite site, and for supplies we would wander down to the Kelp Shed. To get to the Kelp Shed we had to pass by the beach camp sites and that’s were we first encountered Joe Spy. Every time we saw him he had an attaché case handcuffed to his wrist.

Joe Spy didn’t go swimming or to the beach, in fact, he never left the campsite. We knew this because we could see his campsite from ours on top of the hill. If we said hello he would look up, :: Follow Gromit’s tracks for more

Easy to Make Sauerkraut

Don’t be afraid, sauerkraut is easy to make and delicious


My uncle Bob and grandmother (bapci) made fermented sauerkraut and pickles all the time and I remember how delicious they were. Years ago I made some pickles with uncle Bob’s recipe but for some reason stopped doing this.

Now that we have the gardens at Clean Slate Farm and grow cabbage and cukes I decided to give the sauerkraut a try to see how it works.

First a word about safety. You’ll read a lot about fermenting and the potential problems and bacteria issues you’ll encounter when you decide to ferment. Obviously you need to be safe by working clean and paying attention to what you’re doing :: Follow Gromit’s tracks for more

A Lesson in Beekeeping

Bees In The Hood

bee in the hood

The relationship between the honey bee and man is an interesting one. Each have duties to perform for the benefit of the colony. The beekeeper dons protective suit and veil to examine the hive and assure all is well in the artificial environment we create for the bee.

The bees have several jobs. Some gather nectar and pollen, some transfer this to the honey comb, some build the honey comb, and some protect the colony and queen from invaders in search of the sweet results of the colony’s labor. Usually they go about their duties with little care to the outside world.

While examining the hive the beekeeper becomes accustomed to guard bees bent on driving the intruder away from the colony. They will sometimes :: Follow Gromit’s tracks for more

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