Low Tunnels Survive Eighteen Inches of Snow

After a major snow storm the low tunnels are fully intact…and the spinach is still alive!

snow covered low tunnels
Two feet of snow on the low tunnels


At about 1:00am on December 11 I looked out the window to see a light dusting of snow on the ground. The weather service was calling for a Nor’easter to move up the coast and we would be getting pounded. They predicted it would start in our area at about 7:00pm on the 10th but we saw nothing but hazy skies. When we awoke the next morning, about 6:30am it was clear the weather service wasn’t bluffing.

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Beeswax Lip Balm

Home-made Beeswax Lip Balm

beeswax lip balm
Home-made beeswax lip balm ingredients.


Having been the beneficiaries of a tiny bit of beeswax from the hives this year, about 1 1/14 ounces, we decided to make some home-made lip balm with coconut oil and honey. The honey isn’t ours as our bees will be eating it up during the winter. What’s left over in spring will be ours.

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A Clean Slate Farm Mystery

We have met the enemy and he is us. -Pogo

Is he or isn't he?


It was dark. Out-in-the-country-with-no-street-lights dark. I mean, you can see things and people and animals and all but, sometimes you need to figure out what that is you’re looking at. It was that kind of night.

Time-wise, we were going into our second Thanksgiving at Clean Slate Farm. Dave and I were counting our blessings for this home, our neighbors, our wonderful animals, and the fact that we were still without snow for the year. As my usual routine went, I rushed home from work Read more

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