A Lesson in Beekeeping

Bees In The Hood

bee in the hood

The relationship between the honey bee and man is an interesting one. Each have duties to perform for the benefit of the colony. The beekeeper dons protective suit and veil to examine the hive and assure all is well in the artificial environment we create for the bee.

The bees have several jobs. Some gather nectar and pollen, some transfer this to the honey comb, some build the honey comb, and some protect the colony and queen from invaders in search of the sweet results of the colony’s labor. Usually they go about their duties with little care to the outside world.

While examining the hive the beekeeper becomes accustomed to guard bees bent on driving the intruder away from the colony. They will sometimes Follow the tracks for more

Roasted Garlic Two Ways

The long and super tasty way or the short and convenient way

roasted garlic

The garlic is harvested and has been curing in the barn for few weeks. Finally we can make our roasted garlic.

There are two ways to make roasted garlic. Yes, there is real roasted garlic, then there’s faker roasted garlic. Faux-Ro if you will.

Let’s start with the real stuff. When garlic is roasted, in an oven or on an outdoor grille, the result is pretty tasty stuff. The garlic flavor and kick mellows out into an subtle creamy taste. It can be used squished on toast, steak, or used to make mayonnaise. When used to make mayo it becomes aioli. We’ll talk about mayonnaise another time. I have a ridiculously simple way to make mayo I’ll share in a future article and show you on our Youtube channel.

To make roasted garlic, the real stuff, you want to Follow the tracks for more

Easy Tomato Salsa Recipe

There’s nothing like tomato salsa in mid-winter, or any other time, too!

tomato salsa

Tomatoes are my downfall and I usually plant far more than is necessary. To use them up our go to recipe is tomato soup, which we make and freeze so we can have it all winter long.

We also make tomato salsa because it’s nice to have in winter as well. When the winter seems endless we drag out a jar of salsa, make some nachos, whip up a gin and tonic (Hendrick’s please), and bring back memories of summer.

Salsa is the Spanish word for sauce and there are obviously quite a few variations on the theme. There are more recipes for tomato salsa on the internet than one can shake a stick at. A google search for tomato salsa got 3,690,000 hits. This one is a compilation of several we’ve made over the years and Follow the tracks for more