Learn As You Go Beekeeping – 101

17 March 2014
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Since we have been taken with beekeeping and will be writing more about honey bees and their fascinating lives I thought it would be fun to create a series of educational articles about bees. Yes, this is somewhat of a redundant post, but we’ll talk in more detail about the equipment. Let me first say […]

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14 March 2014

Normally a place were bees are kept is called an apiary. We’re calling it a bee-piary because it sounds better and we’re just starting out in beekeeping…”b” class if you will. We’ve talked about being beekeepers for some time now and finally took the bee by the wings so to speak and started buying the […]

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Mint, A Play

24 January 2014

Some time ago I was working on an article about mint. That which makes ice cream so wonderful. It was late, very late. I was getting giddy and full of coffee. Out of the blue I was struck with the idea to write a short play about mint, the origins of mint actually. I think […]

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