Beekeeping 101 – Workers, Queens, and Drones

27 May 2014

This is the third installment about the Clean Slate Farm Apiary. Read more here. In beekeeping the “beek” or beekeeper needs to monitor the activity in the hive to see if the queen is producing new bees. The beek is also on the look out for the queen. A bee hive is more than just a […]

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Nothing Runs Like A Deere, John Deere That Is

23 April 2014

There’s nothing like a boy and his toys. Mine happens to be a John Deere 2520 tractor with a 62″ mowing deck (10″ wider than the old tractor had) and a bucket loader. When we moved to Clean Slate Farm we knew we needed more than a push mower to hack away at the vast expanse […]

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Beekeeping 101.1 – Local Honey and Chocolate Chip Cookies

15 April 2014

Honey Chocolate Chip Cookies If you’ve read Clean Slate Farm at all you will no doubt recognize my love of baking…cookies in particular. Just check out the Recipe Box and you’ll see baking is a favorite past time around here. I’ve written we will be keeping bees at Clean Slate Farm this year and while […]

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