How to Make a Quick and Easy Pan Sauce

Fast, delicious, and easy, a pan sauce is versatile too!

pan sauce

Sometimes you just need a quick idea for dinner. Enter pan sauce. A pan sauce is quick to make and is one of the most flexible sauces in your kitchen. Once you know the basics the variations are almost endless.

The basis for a pan sauce is the fond or browned bits of charred protein in the bottom of the pan the meat was just cooked in. Now, as long as we’re talking about cooking meats, and before we get to pan sauce, I’ll give you a couple of tips. – Follow the tracks for more

Kombucha? Scoby? What is this stuff?

Yes, you can make your own scoby and kombucha

finished kombucha in second fermentation

Kombucha? Everywhere I look something about Kombucha seems to be showing up. My food prejudice was showing up as well and I passed the media glut off as another natural food fad, and I’m not a fan of fads, I’m a skeptic. So while visiting our local natural food store recently I saw some kombucha in the cooler and decided to give it a try. I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. One word…convert.

While I’m a doubting Thomas about all the purported health benefits of kombucha I can’t deny the great taste of this fermented tea concoction. – Follow the tracks for more

How to Make Turkey Croquettes

And a little bit of croquettes history


Who would have thought croquettes would have such a wonderful history. These little devils epitomize my love of food and how singular we are even in our varied cultures.

The croquette is originated in France in 1898 and the base recipe we use today was written by August Escoffier, the master of the French kitchen. Versions of croquettes can be found in many cultures. In the Polish version a thin pancake is stuffed with meat, mushrooms, and kraut, or any combination, breaded and fried. The Spanish and Portuguese – Follow the tracks for more

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