Low Tunnels Survive Eighteen Inches of Snow

After a major snow storm the low tunnels are fully intact…and the spinach is still alive!

snow covered low tunnels
Two feet of snow on the low tunnels


At about 1:00am on December 11 I looked out the window to see a light dusting of snow on the ground. The weather service was calling for a Nor’easter to move up the coast and we would be getting pounded. They predicted it would start in our area at about 7:00pm on the 10th but we saw nothing but hazy skies. When we awoke the next morning, about 6:30am it was clear the weather service wasn’t bluffing.

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DIY Low Tunnels

Easy to make low tunnels

Low tunnels are a great way to extend the garden season by a few weeks to a few months depending on your USDA zone. We’re at zone 5a and at 1434 feet elevation on the side of a hill with excellent southern exposure. This makes our location text book perfect for our garden and what’s more, low tunnels that will be able to take full advantage of the sun we get during winter.¬†Our first low tunnels two years ago just couldn’t stand up to the snow loads we get here so we cobbed together some sturdier versions. Read more

Cheap Greenhouse for Seed Starting

What we start our seeds in came real cheap

Four years ago, when we moved to Clean Slate Farm, we were getting ready to start the garden. By chance I was at the local drugstore and walked by a display of mark down items. To my delight there was a smallish “knock-down” mini greenhouse for home use. It seemed to be well constructed, kind of, but most of all extremely inexpensive. A whopping $29.95!

What’s a boy to do? Move it the the checkout line as quickly as possible.

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