In the garden

Strawberry Jam Made with Pomona’s Pectin

15 June 2014

Several years ago while making jam I was struck with the amount of sugar needed to make a batch. For jam using four or five cups of fruit one needs to add six to seven cups of sugar, and that started me questioning the whole process. I want to taste the fruit not the sugar. […]

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Cheap Greenhouse for Seed Starting

26 March 2014

Four years ago, when we moved to Clean Slate Farm, we were getting ready to start the garden. By chance I was at the local drugstore and walked by a display of mark down items. To my delight there was a smallish “knock-down” mini greenhouse for home use. It seemed to be well constructed, kind […]

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Easy Low Tunnel Hoops for Fall and Spring Gardens

17 August 2013

Last year we had a cold frame to grow some early season leafy greens for the table. Success? Well…kind of. This year the cold frame will be for hardening off the seedlings we start in soil blocks. We also built a PVC test low tunnel hoops that showed a lot of promise, until Calvin the […]

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