John Deere 2520

Nothing Runs Like A Deere, John Deere That Is

John Deere
The New John Deere 2520 Tractor

There’s nothing like a boy and his toys. Mine happens to be a John Deere 2520 tractor with a 62″ mowing deck (10″ wider than the old tractor had) and a bucket loader.

When we moved to Clean Slate Farm we knew we needed more than a push mower to hack away at the vast expanse of lawn we have. A trip to the John Deere dealer gave us too many options to consider. Adam, our local dealer, suggested he stop by and take a look at the area and discuss our needs. Normally I don’t trust recommendations as the result can be more than is bargained for. Adam was great though.

A zero turn mower option was out, too much uphill area and not enough power. A standard lawn tractor might be usable but we have Tess the wonder horse who creates lots of compostable material. Adam suggested a tractor with a bucket to help with the clean up. So we settled in on a JD 1025 and it was great. The best part was 0% financing for 5 years. We took delivery and never looked back. The only issue with the 1025 was we couldn’t drive it around the front of the house in snow to clear the driveway in winter. It’s a hill thing again.

Last fall Adam called and asked if we were interested in a new tractor. (Being a gullible guy I said, “Maybe, what do you have?”) He had a brand new 2012 model 2520 he wanted off the lot and would make us a great deal. It was a great deal but we still had reservations. Our first thought was it would be overkill. The 1025 was doing almost all we needed and we really didn’t want to have another bill to pay. After a lot of soul searching we decided to go ahead and buy the new tractor.

It was a great deal and after a winter of use it turned out to be the right choice. We were able to get around the front of the house in up to 18 inches of snow to plow the driveway and so far this spring it’s been a boon to moving compost to the garden. The bucket will lift about 350+ pounds of material at a whack. The garden will easily take eight buckets of compost, a little over 1.5 tons, which still leaves us with about 8 to 10 tons to find a home for. The extra power this tractor has cuts our work load about 25% when turning the compost pile. Hopefully we’ll see a similar time savings in other chores. Now let’s see how that 62″ mower deck works out!

Do you have a favorite piece of equipment you use around the yard or house? Let us know!