Beekeeping 101.1 – Local Honey and Chocolate Chip Cookies

15 April 2014

Honey Chocolate Chip Cookies If you’ve read Clean Slate Farm at all you will no doubt recognize my love of baking…cookies in particular. Just check out the Recipe Box and you’ll see baking is a favorite past time around here. I’ve written we will be keeping bees at Clean Slate Farm this year and while […]

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Five Minute Artisan Bread

28 March 2014

I know people will say, “Dave, you graduated from The Culinary Institute of America. Of course you can make great bread.” Well they didn’t teach us this one, that’s for sure. First let’s clear something up. It’s not five minute artisan bread. It’s more like 20 minute bread. But the beauty is it’s so simple to […]

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Glazed Maple Walnut Cookies

11 February 2013

  Every year for the past three years we have a get together with our neighbors down the road, Trish and Jay. Each family bakes some cookies and we have a mid-winter gathering of sugary gluttony. Trish dubbed this soirée “geek fest” because we drag out the latest e-toys. This year Trish invited our new […]

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