The view from Clean Slate Farm complete with rainbow.


Since our wedding day Joanne and I knew this was what we wanted. A little space for dogs, cats, maybe a horse, a garden, and most of all us. It took a long time to get our lives in order and make the break but we finally did it. Thus Clean Slate Farm. It’s not really a farm as you know it, we wouldn’t want to offend our true farming neighbors, but it’s close enough for us.

We’ll be posting about gardening, farm fix-ups, cooking and baking, the animals, memories, and odd bits of stuff that happens around the mini-farm.

Dave trained as a chef at the Culinary Institute of America, graduating in 2004. I now manage restaurants for a living and cook when ever I get the chance. Just recently I came to the realization that pastry/baking is my true love.

Ghandi embodies all the wisdom and knowledge I wish I had. I am truly feeble until I can come to the level of enlightenment he achieved. The quote at the end of this page is what I try to live by.

Joanne is the best creative director I have ever seen. After closing our ad agency in 2000 she has held a variety of executive positions. Currently she is the Director for the Syracuse University/Whitman School of Management W.I.S.E. (Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship) program helping women create and operate their own business.

Thanks for visiting.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Ghandi


This little link is for others to find us at Clean Slate Farm.
  1. Hi guys: So nice to see you are both doing what you love to do. Sitting at an airport waiting for my plane I discovered your blog! If you ever get down to Charleston, SC look us up, we would love to see you guys again!

    • Dave

      Thanks Pete. You moved to SC?

  2. Hi Dave and Joanne,
    I just wanted to say thank you for referring someone interested in health coaching to me! I love when people connect without even knowing eachother!
    Do you all allow visits to the farm? I’d love to come out and meet you all and see the farm! Let mw know if that’s possible.
    Thanks again.

    • Dave

      Glad to pass along a referral as nice as Chris. She has been a great person and hard worker as long as I’ve known her. She truly has a passion for healthy living and eating.

      Clean Slate Farm is not much of a farm at all. Just our little piece of sanity and beauty. We have Tess the horse, Leenie and Gromit the dogs, Mr. Bird the..well, bird, Calvin and Hobbes the kitties, and a nice, organic vegetable garden.

  3. Dave & Joanne –
    a word of greeting from the whole family (who still enjoy receiving your Christmas cards). I’ve never understood the urge to blog, but I don’t mind participating on the reading end, in a vaguely voyeuristic manner. So, I’ve bookmarked your site and will check in from time to time. Maybe we’ll even drive down to Tully sometime, if invited.

    Very happy to hear you’re living your dreams.
    With the very best wishes for a Happy 2012,
    Carol, Carlos, Zigmas, Margot

    • Dave

      Carol! It’s great to hear from you again. We were just thinking about the Paronis Family and wondering how everyone was doing. Please say hi to all and yes, you are invited anytime. Just call!

  4. Terri (Komuda) Cooper


    I ran into Terry P. at the grocery store and she told me about Bapci’s recipe on your website. Even though it’s not her recipe, I am eager to try it. I love this website! The recipes are amazing and your stories make them special. Thanks.

    • Dave


      It’s a great recipe. You can even freeze it before the second rise and when you want some more let it thaw. Shape it into the loaf size, wrap in saran and freeze. It will rise when thawed….or should!


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