Brownie Crackle

Boy, did this post cause some issues!

Update: Quite honestly there are many recipes I would love to have and duplicate…this is one of them. The truth be known though I can buy the stuff and it’s better than my recipe and the others I tried. There, I said it. Mine is good, Sheila’s is better.

In addition, Brownie Brittle is a trademark for a specific product, which, like I said, is fantastic stuff. This recipe is for Browne Crackle not Brownie Brittle. I was gently reminded of the trademark issue by the fine people at Sheila G, the makers of the stuff I tried to duplicate here.  They hold the trademark rights and this is why mine is now called Brownie Crackle. To see the original stuff go to Sheila G’s.

We now take you back to our regularly scheduled program.

Joanne called me the other day from the grocery store. Did I want any Oreos? Thank you but no. When I arrived home there were no Oreos but there was a package of Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle.

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Banana Bread

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A Great Quick Bread Recipe for Banana Bread

Fresh from the oven banana bread


I love banana bread. My mom used to make the best in the world…but alas, the recipe is gone. The other day I got the urge to make banana bread so I stopped at the store and bought some bananas to let “age” on the counter. A few days later they were ready for the job of producing a great quick bread.

I started out with a Google search for a suitable recipe and found one on Smitten Kitchen, a great recipe site and totally  unpretentious about food. Deb, the owner, shares my love of simplicity in cooking and baking.

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