September 2012

Ground Cherry Jam

7 September 2012

  Ground cherries, also called Cape Gooseberries (it’s not a true gooseberry), are small husk covered, orange-ish colored fruit and are of the solanaceae family. That’s right, the tomato, tomatillo, and potato clan. Some also call them Chinese lanterns because of the papery husk. The fruit is about 1/4 inch to 3/4 inches in diameter, […]

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Yellow Tomato Sauce

4 September 2012

  I planted a mess of different tomatoes this year. Costolusto Fiorenze from Italy, Principe de Borghese, Brandywine, and Golden Tomatoes were the varieties I put in. In abundance I should add, about 36 plants in all. Fresh tomatoes just taste so good that I can’t resist overplanting. They don’t go to waste though. This […]

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