Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

An incredibly tasty roasted butternut squash soup

roasted butternut squash
Delicious and easy to make


At Clean Slate Farm we grow the Waltham variety of butternut squash, an heirloom variety that produces a lot of squash on each plant. If you have a four person family two plants would do just fine but for the two of us one plant provides all the squash we need, one plant giving us up to twelve big squash. Read more

Farewell, Mr. Bird, our love bird

It is so quiet in here.

Mr. Bird


Mr. Bird, the last of our two love birds, died last night. He was 15 years old, maybe older. He was a peach-faced turquoise. They are commonly from Namibia. Western Africa and were orphans from the CNYSPCA when we adopted them.

As a pet friend, Mr. Bird was the most entertaining little guy. He could be totally quiet all day long and as soon as Read more

Personal Weather Stations

Keeping Track of Weather at the Farm

Acurite 1025
Pulling weather data for the farm


We installed our Acurite 1025 Personal Weather Station about 18 months ago and got about a year of reliable service until it started dropping the signal to the internet connection. Random stuff yes, but now we were used to checking the weather regularly and never knew when we would have a signal. Read more

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